How are StarSeeds Different From Everyone Else

How are StarSeeds Different From Everyone Else

Posted on September 30 2019 By Admin.

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Perhaps you've wondered about Starseeds and what it is that makes us special.  How are we different from anyone else?

Archangel Michael and Ronna Herman Vezane offer us a clear and interesting answer to this question.

HOLY INNOCENT ONES: These are the younger Souls who attained individualized-consciousness more recently.  Many of these are the true Earthlings, for their first incarnations were within this solar system or on Earth.  AA Michael explains how vast groups of Souls were kept in what he calls COSMIC INCUBATORS (spheres of Light) which have been strategically placed throughout the Universe, our galaxy and even within our solar system.  These Souls were awakened to their God Consciousness at different times to begin their journey as a cocreator Soul, just as we did aeons ago. There are no new Souls cycling on and off the Earth, for this earthly experience is coming to a close.  As their elder brothers and sisters, we are called the caretakers of these young Souls.  In the far distant future it will be their turn to be the leaders / Wayshowers  in the ascension process of a planet and a group of Souls.

STAR SEED: (SOMETIMES CALLED “OLD SOULS”):  A Star Seed is a Soul/person who has had many lifetimes throughout this Universe and perhaps even the Omniverse.  This means that we came into our individualized consciousness a very long time ago, and we have had many, many lifetimes and experiences as cocreators.  The Star Seed Souls are the ones who are in the forefront of the ascension process and who are anchoring the higher frequencies of Light on Earth.

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Image credit to:  Rishav Banerji

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