Transformation: the Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Transformation: the Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Posted on November 03 2019 By Admin.

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In this blog post, we share a noteworthy chapter from the book “Telos, Welcoming New Earth.”  Adama and the Company of Heaven, are encouraging us to be bold, have faith and be willing to step into the unknown of our own collective experience of the butterfly, beautiful and free to fly.

As starseeds and lightworkers, you’re likely aware of the information and terminology described here because you’re already living it.  However, there are many at this time, and even more to come, who are just beginning their spiritual journeys in earnest.  We’re moving further and further along into what Adama refers to as the Next Great Shift.   Transformation is taking place at the collective level now.  Adama speaks of catalyst events often being the trigger for personal reflection, opening the doorway to remembrance, awakening and love.  We’re moving into a time when these shifts are going to be affecting larger numbers of people simultaneously.


Transformation: the caterpillar and the butterfly

Adama - I thought we might discuss transformation today.

I have just given you the image of a beautiful Monarch butterfly which begins its life as a caterpillar.  This is a common analogy that has been used in many cultures.  It is something that you have heard and seen referenced many times because it truly is a good example of transformation.  It’s not just an analogy of transformation but rather a real world example of transformation and possibility.  Humanity is being guided now to undergo a similar transformation.  In the caterpillar form, most of you are living your life and at this point in time, you do not know the beauty and the freedom that comes from the attainment of having grown, developed and worked to earn, for yourself, the right to experience life in a whole new way.  The caterpillar, for a good portion of its life, does not know that it has the innate potential to blossom and transform into a beautiful being, that of the butterfly.  It is just not in the caterpillar’s awareness for most of its life.  This is not unsimilar to the general state of humanity at this time.

As you come into your embodiments, the veils of illusion are drawn down upon you and you begin your lifestream experience in this human embodiment.  These veils of illusion have been placed upon you and you do not recall or remember the divinity that you truly are.  You do not remember the ALLness or fullness of yourself as an infinite being, the expansive being of light that each of you are.  And so, you go through your life experience typically in much the same manner as those of your family, your parents, your community or whatever the environment is that you have chosen to come into.  These are the clothes that you wear, the beliefs that are given to you, the societal rules that are given to you, the framework of what you are told is and is not possible, the education systems, or lack thereof, and so forth.  It is the experience of the society and earth family that you have chosen to come into that initially sets about you the personality, that is the human or the ego self who you know yourself to be from an early age.  They are the paradigms, what you believe to be right or wrong, true and untrue, your understanding of Creator and the Cosmos, your degrees of separation and so forth.  This all seems very natural and very normal and it is.

Unfortunately, the situation that we have today, and have had for a long period of time now, is that most of humanity are trapped, in this analogy, in the experience of the caterpillar and they are struggling day to day to live life as the caterpillar.  This is all they know.  They are unaware of the great and beautiful transformation that is always available to them and always on offer for them.  Even those who may become aware of the great possibility and beauty of transformation that is in store for them, still may not pursue it for various reasons.  Although they experience struggles in the form of the caterpillar, it is what they know and what they are used to.  Transformation can be difficult and therein lies the unknown so most are just living their life as the caterpillar and doing the best they can with what they have or what they believe they have.

We have discussed what is taking place with new levels of light and love coming onto the planet and we are now fully underway and living in an accelerated way/time for the next great shift.  We have discussed that it will be all of you, humanity who will create the New Earth and the next golden age.  The way this will come about is through each one’s individual transformation.  Some will choose to move forward in their transformation in this lifestream experience and some will not, and that is fine.  It is each one’s choice to make.

Regarding the great transformation that is possible and always on offer for each of you, it is often required that there be a great catalyst in which the human must be shaken or rattled.  Often times, it will be necessary that some event come into your human experience that will assist you in your further awakening and will assist you in the realization that transformation is always available to you.  Let us establish our terminology here.  I may use the terms, ego, personality, human or small self to be the same and I may use the terms real self, higher self or soul to be the same.  Formal definitions of these terms will vary but I am attempting to illustrate for you the difference between the two in this discussion.

So we know the way of things is that you come into this human form with an ego and this is your human aspect/personality or small self.  The ego is concerned primarily with your survival.  In its most pure form of purpose it is here to ensure your survival.  This would be what you know to be your intellect, your reasoning mind and some of the other bodily systems if we look holistically.  It may be your nervous system or perhaps recall from experience and memory or perhaps a natural reaction given by the nervous system.  It may be what you perceive to be your ability to use logic, thought and reasoning based on your experience and your levels of understanding and knowledge for your benefit.  For most of you, this aspect of you is running the show.  It is the aspect of you that is in alignment with your communities and societies and it is the aspect of you that is plotting and planning as to how it will best make its survival and meet its own needs and desires.  And so we see this, it is all around you every day and this is the way of things.  This is the way life happens and this aspect of you is extremely valuable.  If you did not have the ego and the personality and you could not draw on recall and experience, certainly you would struggle in making your way through this lifestream experience.  This is how you learn lessons.  It is how you learn universal law such as that of cause and effect for example.  So you make mistakes and you do not like the consequences that are returned to you and your conscious mind and ego body register this and they say “Well, we did not like that result so let us not do that again” and so on.  This is the caterpillar living its caterpillar life and it knows no difference.  It knows of nothing else.  This is how life is and these are the confines.  This is the current environment and situation and so the ego is fighting and clawing in this caterpillar life to make the most of it and that is to accomplish the ego desires.  Ego desires typically, if we think about the personality or what we refer to as the small self, the ego is primarily attuned to sensory pleasures and physical pleasures.  These are material things yes, but also those that drive the ego such as control, supremacy, intellect, better than and so on.  Ego desire and wanting may be any number of things depending on your personality, environment and inputs.  Your ego wants more and more and more.  It wants more money, it wants more love, it wants more satisfaction, it wants more recognition, it wants more authority, it wants more sugar, it wants more of the drug that makes it feel good, it wants higher status and so on and so forth.  This is the personality, the human, the small self.

The reason this takes place is because you are working in the framework of the caterpillar.  The caterpillar does not even know of the existence of the butterfly.  It does not know of the beauty, joy and freedom of the butterfly.  It does not even know that it is a possibility.  It is simply doing the best it can with what it believes it has in this caterpillar experience.  And so this is, generally speaking, the current state of humanity.  And now, many in their caterpillar experience are being guided or led to some form of seeking that answers new questions arising within them.  Perhaps at a young age, your family introduced you to whatever the family religion or belief system is and/or perhaps you were exposed to some type of formal spiritual training that exists in your many world religions.  Perhaps you had family members who brought these elements into your awareness.  Often times these elements of higher knowledge, elements of the real self, elements of attainment, spirituality, truth and light will also be a part of your lifestream experience.  They will be a part of the caterpillar experience.  Even though the caterpillar may seek to come into alignment and resonance at some level of belief or application of such subjects of study, topics of life should we say, for the most part is still within the caterpillar experience.  That is to say the small self, the ego self is still fully in control of that caterpillar experience and so while elements such as these may be allowed in for the well roundedness of the caterpillar experience, it is still the caterpillar and small self who are typically running the show.

What is happening now is that waves of love and light, vibration, harmonic frequencies, magnetic alignments and divine feminine energies are flooding the planet as never before.  These things are stirring you divinity which is at the core of your being.  These are the aspects of your real self, your divinity, your soul, your higher self and your own beloved I AM Presence.  They are aspects of the fullness of the glory that you are in all of your great light and expansiveness as a divine being.  Each one has the spark of divinity within them.  Each of you come in with this as your divine birthright and it is installed in you, so to speak, before you ever come into this embodiment.  It is always there however, in most cases, it lies dormant.  This aspect of your being will typically become activated according to your own divine blueprint that is being carried out by each ones higher self.  When the time is right, that aspect within you will become activated.  Sometimes the activation occurs through the breaking down of the small self, ego self, the personality and the human which has become so entrenched in his or her ways and what he or she knows is real and not real, what he or she knows is true and not true, what he or she knows is the right way or not the right way and so on.  This is closely aligned to what we may refer to as the ego pride or the small self who wants to be in charge.  It wants to run the show despite the fact that it is trapped in this caterpillar experience and even though it may be aware of the possibility of the butterfly experience, it is afraid that the butterfly experience may cause it to lose its control and grasp on what is and is not.  So the ego will often rebel against transformation and change.  It does not want this transformation and so, often times, depending on how entrenched the small self is, it will be necessary that there come some life experience that causes the ego personality and small self to shake loose of its hold.  When the time is right, the higher self will choose this.  Often times, an experience will come in for the human that will shake things up in the normal day to day life, often in rather extreme ways.  These experiences may be very unpleasant for the human and they’re often referred to as a dark night of the soul.  It makes no difference how you label it.  The point is it’s often a requirement that these difficult experiences come into your awareness in order to break loose the hold of the ego.  That is to break loose the paradigm the human is stuck in.

These are life experiences that many of you have undergone or that your friends and family have undergone.  They may be disease or ailments of the body and yes, sometimes what you will see is the disease comes into the body and the human is only given a small time from that point forward before they, according to their own design and blueprint and according to the divine will of Creator, make their transition back home.  It is often very difficult, in your level of awareness and understanding, to have a greater appreciation for what is taking place in these situations.  Often times, what you are observing, and make no mistake, we understand that pain as you experience it whether it be emotional, mental or physical pain, we understand that it is very real in your experience and we have a great understanding and compassion for you so please do not mistake my message today as being one of non-caring or non-concern as this is not the case.  But what I wish for you to know is, great things may be happening that the human does not perceive.  Even the one who is going through the experience may not have the full understanding and appreciation for what is coming about through that experience and there are many, many reasons that it might happen this way.  I will not go into the many reasons but suffice it to say, in these examples, there is a divine plan.  What you may find is, that through the experience of someone having had serious disease for example, they may be in a position now to offer themselves and others much needed forgiveness that perhaps would not have been given otherwise had life continued in the normal day to day function of the caterpillar experience.

So now something has been really shaken.  A big event has come about and now there is something that must be dealt with.  There are deeper levels of investigation, seeking, searching and asking questions and looking for answers that will bubble up to the surface.  Through these experiences, tremendous amounts of grace may be offered and often times they are simply not aware of it.  It may have to do with the balancing of karma.  In the example I’ve just used, perhaps forgiveness of themselves or another has come forth that may not have come if it were not for this experience.  This person may have agreed to be in this situation and to come into this embodiment solely for the benefit of their partner.  So perhaps, in this example, let us say there is a married couple who have been together for a good while and now one of them has been diagnosed with cancer.  They will experience whatever it is they are intended to experience according to their own divine blueprint and let us say they succumb to the disease.  That is to say they have been called home.  Now, their partner has been left here and their world has truly been shaken to the core.  They are crushed.  Their heart is broken.  The experience is opening the heart space while simultaneously breaking down the ego control and the human.  It is through this space that grace can come in and divine love and divine light and compassion can come in.  It is through this space then that the higher self has created an opportunity.  The soul is being awakened.  The fires have been lit so to speak or the seals opened.  At this point in time and in this place, this may be the first time in the whole lifestream experience of the human where they find themselves asking questions and contemplating things that they’ve not put much thought into before.  This is the soul speaking to them directly and it may be the first time they’ve heard or felt their soul speaking to them.  This is the Higher Self and the I Am Presence.  It is their divinity reaching out to them now.  This is typically a process and through this process the individual has an opportunity to view that which is on offer for them.  From this position they may view the opportunity and the possibility of transformation into a beautiful butterfly.  This opportunity often comes out of the darkness, the pain and the suffering that is being experienced by the trials of life.

I have given you just one example.  Obviously, there are many, many more and each of you are all too familiar with these kinds of experiences.  They are brought about by the higher self so that a new space may be created.  It is the heart of the human that has now been opened to receive and hear the message from her soul and perhaps for the first time.  This may not be a requirement for every lifestream experience but it often is.  Everyone’s experience is individual to them and everyone’s experience will take place according to their own decisions, actions and free will but also according to their higher self and the blueprint that they themselves have set about for this experience.  This may be the way in which the epiphany is brought about.  The epiphany is that transformation is possible.  Great transformation is possible.  Not only is it possible, but it has been done before.  The way showers have come before us and the way showers are still here.  This is the transformation that brings the small self back into alignment with the real self, the soul and their divinity.  It is a process.  It does not happen overnight and the ego still wants to have its say and its control.  These kinds of disruptive experiences are often necessary because through this space the soul emerges.  The soul will nudge you to begin pondering and seeking the larger questions or meaning of your life and bring them to your awareness.

In your case Bryan, you have experienced your dark night of the soul and at that time began your journey in earnest to bring yourself into alignment.  There was a point of recognition when you understood this for yourself.  You understood the transformation that was possible.  You understood, in our analogy, that you had been living life as a caterpillar.  You understood that it was not only possible but it was achievable for you to make your transformation into a beautiful butterfly and in that moment you set down your intention.  You had a conversation with yourself and that is with the ego and personality aspect of your being and what you have said was “Look, you have had an opportunity to run this lifestream experience for x number of years and I appreciate all that you have done and I know that you have been working in our best interest, however, as of this moment forward we are taking a much different approach.  We will engage daily the guidance that is on offer from our Father/Mother God and that aspect of us which is our greater aspect, our higher self and our soul residing in heaven”.  You have simply made note “Look, you have been running the show here for some time and we’ve done okay but I feel we can do much better.  I know there are great levels of achievement, joy and grace that are on offer for us and I know this comes about through our alignment with our divinity and our higher self.  From this point forward this how we are going to do things”.  And so, from that point forward you set down your intention and you began doing the work in earnest.  You have also come to understand that the ego or small self is also an aspect of your being and as such, it is deserving of your love.  It is an aspect of your being and it has done the very best that it can to provide for you and to keep you safe.  So the ego is not to be shunned but rather embraced and cared for as you would a small child.

Since that point in time your momentum has grown and grown and you have seen that great transformation has come into your own life in a very short period of time.  This is significant.  It is great transformation.  No, you are not done yet but if you look at what has been accomplished and in this analogy, you are, for the most part, living your life now in the experience of the butterfly and no longer trapped in the old paradigm of the caterpillar life.  Would you agree with this?  Bryan – Yes,, absolutely.  Adama - So this is what is happening now in a more or less natural way for everyone.  As these waves come onto the planet each one is beginning to stir at the soul level.  Their higher selves are reaching out to them and through this expansion and increased levels of awareness this new paradigm of the butterfly experience will be a byproduct of all of this that is taking place now on the planet.

As these new energies come into the four lower bodies something begins to stir that was not there before.  There begins to rise to the surface a longing, a desire, a knowing , a questioning, something new bubbles up to the awareness of the human and they begin to view things differently.  With new levels of understanding, perhaps they perceive things with fresh eyes or perhaps in a way that is contrary to what they have perceived in the past.  So one of the things we, in the company of heaven, are endeavoring to do, and you have received these messages from many different masters and their messengers, we are wanting and encouraging each of you to come into the recognition and remembrance of who you really are.  You are a divine being who is having a human experience.  As this comes fully into your awareness you are able to see the transformation that you can achieve.  You are able to see life as a butterfly.  Perhaps up until this point you weren’t able to see it or acknowledge it and now many of you are seeing it and saying “Wow, I have this wonderful opportunity to go out and experience life in a new way, as a beautiful butterfly, free to fly.”  

These new energies are coming onto the planet and as you say, “Peoples love lights are turning on”.  Their souls are being stirred and the divinity within each one is being awakened.  Of course, many are not aware of what is taking place.  They may be aware that something or multiple things are happening however they may not quite know how to diagnose their situation or what their next step should be.  A great deal of the messages that all of us here are giving you at this time is really with the endeavor, hope and assistance of helping all of humanity to make their transition into beautiful butterflies.  It is not only possible, it is achievable.  This is why you and so many other way showers, starseeds and lightworkers are on the planet at this time to actually guide yourselves through this transformation and of course we are here to assist you also.  It is our great joy to do so and as you are able to guide yourself through this transformation several things happen.  One is that you will be able to experience the beautiful life of the butterfly and you will no longer be trapped in the caterpillar experience.  When you begin to break free of the caterpillar experience and feel the expression of love, divine light, joy and harmony and peace and all of these feelings and experiences that are attuned to the butterfly experience, then in no way, shape or form would you ever choose to go back to the caterpillar experience.  You have a new paradigm now.  You have seen it and you have experienced the many joys and benefits for yourself.

This is what is happening now for all of you who are on the forefront of this activity.  The first benefit that comes is that you actually get to experience your own beautiful transformation and secondly what happens is, as you do this, you are way showers and teachers for those around you.  You have heard it said before that for each one of you who is undergoing this process now, you are making it easier for all of those who will follow.  You are paving the road for all who follow.  This is true.  So a great deal of our messages are given with the endeavor and hope that those of you who are led to the messages will begin to understand all of the grace, beauty and love that is on offer for you and that you equally understand you need not be trapped in your old caterpillar paradigm.  You would be the only ones holding yourselves there.  If anyone is trapped it is because they have chosen to be so.  I know this type of language is often difficult to be received by the human.  The ego will often respond with some statement such as “Well this is not my choice.  This is what I am stuck with and there is nothing I can do about it.  This is the way it is for me”.  That is an ego response you see.  That is the small self maintaining its status quo.  Yes, I will say, there is effort and work involved in bringing about transformation for yourself.  Those of you who have done this and continue to do this work for yourselves know all too well that there is actual work involved.  It does take some of your energy and intention and some of your thought and time to gather the understanding that each one needs for their own forward momentum on their own chosen path.

I will say also as you are thinking about it.  It is not always a requirement that a major life shifting event take place before this awareness and these levels of transformation can begin.  That is not the case.  Sometimes it is a requirement.  It depends on how entrenched the ego, personality and small self are in the human experience.  Depending on their own path, many will not be required to experience painful lessons or earth shattering events to help them wake up.  Each one’s path is unique to them.  Many are simply at a place where they are able to allow, open and receive these new levels of awareness and expansion as they come to them.  Many are able to move into new levels of growth and transformation with a fair amount of grace and ease.  That is that one’s situation.  Perhaps it is yours, perhaps it is not.  I just wish to make this note, that what we refer to as the proverbial dark night of the soul is not always a requirement or catalyst for transformation.  Also let me say, it is not a requirement at all that this transformation even be made.  It is something that is on offer for each of you and I would pose to you that in this analogy, the butterfly experience is much more fulfilling in all manner of ways.  It is much more delicious, enticing, fulfilling and joyful than the caterpillar experience.  That’s just my encouragement.  There will be many who will choose to remain in their caterpillar experience throughout this embodiment and that is fine.  It is their path.  The choice is yours.  If you choose not to make your transformation in this lifestream experience there will be other opportunities available to you.

When you come to this place where you have some conscious understanding of the fact that you have been living a caterpillar’s existence and you know there is an offer available for you to live a more beautiful, peaceful, abundant and harmonious butterfly life, you will also understand that one of the reasons you are not currently living the butterfly experience is because you have been choosing to live in separation.  You have chosen to live disconnected, to some extent, from Creator, your soul, your higher self and the company of heaven.  Said another way, you have simply allowed your ego and small self to run the show of your earthly experience.  When you come to this level of understanding for yourself, perhaps you will make the conscious decision and set your intention that you are going to make your own transformation.  You may declare something to the effect of; “I AM moving out of the old caterpillar paradigm.  I AM moving into a beautiful, new butterfly paradigm and experience.  I know there are greater things in store for me and I surrender in full faith now to my higher guidance”.  In that moment when you have fully had this understanding and you have made this declaration for yourself, the last component will be that you ask for assistance.  Look up to the heavens and Father/Mother God in whichever way you perceive them and ask for help.  Let me tell you, I pause here for effect, let me tell you it is beyond your current imagining and understanding the great magnitude and the great force of light, the great number of beings, those of your family in heaven who will come rushing in, and I do mean rushing in, to be by your side in that moment.  For truly, in that moment, you have the full support of the company of heaven by your side.  This is where your transformation begins.  This is where you can begin to build a new momentum.  This is where you can make a fresh start and be reborn.  This is the place where you will begin to be led to heal all within you that requires healing, forgive all that requires forgiveness and begin learning self-love in a new way.  This is the place where you begin to open your heart and your mind to new levels of understanding and possibility, new levels of assistance and guidance that have always been available to you yet perhaps unseen.  This might be referred to as the tipping point for the individual where, through a variety of influences and experiences there has been a compounding effect and culmination such that the human now sits on the precipice with some level of understanding.  This is where the decision is made that they are going to leave behind the old shell, the old form of the caterpillar and they will go now into their cocoon.

There is work that must be done in the transformation.  It does not happen in a flash but in each one’s awareness, here in this tipping point moment, they understand the truth and the beauty of the butterfly experience.  They know there is work to be done and perhaps further discomfort along the way.  They step out of that which is familiar.  They step into this experience of the cocoon and herein lie the stages of the greatest transformation.  They will find lessons of self-love, compassion, forgiveness and more.  There are messages being given to humanity now in many different forms and by many different messengers to guide the way. These are also the messages that have been given by great avatars who have come in the past.  This is where they will step into the cocoon, essentially having made the decision now to walk through the fire and ask that they be guided and led each step of the way.  With faith and trust, simply to walk through the fire and do those things that perhaps they thought they wouldn’t or couldn’t do, to begin taking the time to look at themselves deeply and truly, to view themselves objectively as much as they can and begin the work in earnest.

Once that decision has been made, I say again, it is incomprehensible how much assistance, grace and love, how many beautiful beings of light will come to that person at that time.  This is not entirely unsimilar to some of events and ceremonies taking place within various religions around the world when someone has come to that point of recognition, perhaps it is this tipping point that I am speaking of and perhaps not, but they have come to that place where they want more.  They want to know more.  They want to receive more.  They want to embody more light, love and illumination.  Their soul is guiding them to come further into alignment.  This is a part of our message and you see a common theme from many messengers from those of us in the ascended master realms and those of us working on the New Earth project with our Creator.  The message is that you do not walk alone.  You need not do it alone.  The love and support of heaven are with you always and are always available to you.  I invite each of you to contemplate now what your life might look like in the fullness of love and grace that is the experience of the beautiful and free butterfly. 

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