What is a StarSeed

What is a StarSeed

Posted on August 03 2019 By Admin.

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A Soul/Spiritual Being who came into their individualized Consciousness as a God-Seed Atom many ages ago, within this Universe or perhaps even in other Universes.  A StarSeed Soul has experienced many, many incarnations in a great variety of places, situations and conditions; thereby gaining a vast amount of experience, which was stored away within their Sacred Mind and within their DNA.  These Elder Souls of the Omniverse agreed to incarnate within this Sub-Universe in order to experience the great diversity and the total Free Will gift that was offered to humanity.  They also agreed to be the Way Showers and the Vanguard Souls in the unprecedented, accelerated evolutionary process which humanity would experience during the closing era of this particular Divine Plan.


This information is given to us by Ronna Vezane and Archangel Michael from the publication “Advanced Glossary of Spiritual Terms for Archangel Michael’s Ten Books of Wisdom Teachings.”  See more at www.starquestmastery.com


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