About Us


We’re StarSeeds just like you.  We’re traversing our individual and planetary ascension process just like you.  We found ourselves drifting away from the old ways and perspectives that we once took for granted or those that are typically viewed as “normal.”  Just like you, we’ve also found ourselves in the midst of those unusual or uncomfortable conversations with friends and family from time to time.  Not everyone is ready for all of “this” just yet and, of course, that’s okay.  All in due time. 

We began this venture somewhat haphazardly.  It all started one afternoon when we were joking around with some of our cosmic cousins who we know are hanging out in their ships close to our beautiful planet.  We were asking them, in a bit of a cynical (read “smartass”) but still joking manner, if they might be allowed to participate here more fully on our behalf. I asked them if they were enjoying the “Shit Show” on their “Earth Reality TV” and asked if we might offer them some popcorn and soda for their refreshment.  We thought it was funny. Soon, more ideas came in and we decided to give it a go.

We’re here to support for our family and we feel this endeavor also aligns with our “mission” of assisting others in their own awakening and expansion process… ”Spreading love like creamy peanut butter” as we say. More and more people are tuning in and turning on every day.  Together, we are co-creating a beautiful new reality for all.  We appreciate you being here and we thank you for everything you’re doing to help shift this planet.  Good things are coming.  This is the reason we answered the great call.  StarSeeds, we thank you and may your joy know no bounds!    


Our Products

Not all T-Shirts are created equally.  That's why we did our homework to partner with the best, on demand print company we could find.  A good T-Shirt should be well constructed with quality stitching and materials, not only for durability, but more importantly, for wear-ability.  The colors have to be right too.  Our partner doesn't outsource.  They manage their own product selections and perform all the print work in-house, allowing them to maintain consistent color and quality over time.  Our gear isn’t necessarily the cheapest on the market.  That's because we wanted to offer you the best we could find.  We strive to make these Tees your favorite go-tos time and time again.