StarSeed Vintage Navy - Laptop Sleeve


  • Product Description

      Quality you can see and feel. This lightweight, form-fitting sleeve is great for laptop owners on the go. Interior is filled with super soft, faux fur with a padded zipper binding to prevent scratches. Padded neoprene exterior is water-resistant and scratch-proof.

      • 100% neoprene
      • Laptop sleeve fits most 13” and 15” laptops
      • 13” (LxWxH): 13½ X 10½ X 5/8 in. or 34 X 27 X 2 cm
      • 15” (LxWxH): 14 ¾ X 11 ¼ X 5/8 in. or 37 X 28 X 2 cm
      • Snug fit
      • Faux fur interior lining
      • Lightweight and resistant to water, oil, and heat
      • Top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders
      • Padded zipper binding

      StarSeed Laptop Sleeve Design

      There’s a reason why we gave this design the vintage look of a sports team. Up to this point, it’s been us, the Starseeds and the vanguard who have been leading the way for an ascending humanity and the manifestation of New Earth. Your Presence here is both needed and appreciated. Team StarSeed; we're winning!
  • Product Details

    • Variant: 13 in
    • SKU: 5442727
    • Weight: 7.7 oz